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The Smithsonian Presents ‘Run to the East’ At the Native Cinema Showcase in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Come join us in Santa Fe at the New Mexico History Museum (113 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe, NM) on August 18 at 1:00 P.M. for a screening of Run to the East.

Full details on the screening below. For more information, check out the Native Cinema Showcase.

The Native Cinema Showcase is a celebration of film by indigenous directors, producers, writers, actors and cultural activists. The tradition of storytelling is reflected in the ever-expanding body of feature and short films made by indigenous peoples, as well as documentaries and experimental media. Through the Native Cinema Showcase, NMAI and SWAIA continue to further its mission and dedication towards advancing knowledge and understanding of the Native cultures in the Western Hemisphere.

The showcase will also feature the films of SWAIA’s Classification X winners.

Showcase Team
NMAI: Melissa Bisagni, Program Manager. Program Advisor: Elizabeth Weatherford, Head of FVC
SWAIA: Dr. John Torres-Nez (Dine’), Jhane Myers (Comanche/ Blackfeet), Film Project Manager


Sunday, August 19th
11:00 a.m. My Louisiana Love
1:00 p.m. Run to the East
3:00 p.m. Mesnak

Run to the East
Presented in cooperation with the 2012 Wings of America 5K Run
1:00 p.m. / Sunday

(US, 2011, 87 min.)
Director: Henry Lu

Run to the East follows three Native American highschoolers through their senior year. Chantel “Tails” Hunt (Navajo), Thomas Martinez (Navajo) and Dillon Shije (Zia Pueblo) have overcome every obstacle in their personal lives and in their communities to become elite cross country runners, and all three are determined to succeed. Through the year’s track meets they compete against runners from more privileged schools as they vie for college scholarships and a chance to explore opportunities off the rez.

Henry Lu is a filmmaker with Moxie Pictures in New York. He has directed short films set in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong and Tokyo that have played at film festivals including Sundance, Mill Valley, Sydney, and the Worldwide Short film festival in Toronto. Run to the East is Lu’s first feature-length film.

In person: Dustin Martin (Navajo), director of Wings of America, Chantel Hunt and Thomas Martinez.

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